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"My names Mitchell, and I love to cut hair. Head Shaves, and razor fades are my favorite things to do in my career. Barbering is such a natural thing for me to do, yet I had no idea how ingrained it was for me until I went to school for it! I enjoy what I do so much that I drove an hour to school, and a hour back every day for a year just to be where I'm at today.

If I'm not deep into a conversation behind the chair usually you'll find me focusing on the task at hand. Whether that is cutting hair, playing tennis, or playing guitar. When it comes to me I obsess until I've got a firm foothold in what I do. 

I'm where I am today not because of my own doing nor control, it's from the grace of a power greater than myself. I truly can say I'm blessed to be at THE best shop in Chattanooga with great people! If you choose me or someone else you will be nothing short of pleased.

Check me out here!"


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