The After Hours experience at White Oak Barber Shop is a perfect way to treat yourself, the Groomsmen, and the Man of Honor. Have a blast with the guys while taking care of all your grooming necessities before the Big Day. It's unique, luxurious and tons of fun!



You and your fiance will be relieved when we transform your scruffy college buddy into a polished gentleman who will look fantastic in photos. Our haircuts are the absolute highest quality; consisting of a tailored style to compliment their features, eyebrows trimmed if necessary, and straight razor detailing around the sideburns, ears and neckline. If their cut from last week still looks okay, we can "freshen it up" for them so they feel their absolute best.

Beard Trims

You don't have to go clean shaven to look classic and timeless in a tux! Let us work on your beard until it's trimmed to perfection for a groomed, sophisticated (but still a little bit rugged) look. Beards are in fashion, after all!


Straight Razor Face Shaves

Now, here's the real treat. You will be reclined with a steaming towel around your face, patted down with creamy hot lather, and shaved with an old fashioned straight razor. You'll then receive a facial massage with cool lotion followed by another pass with the straight razor for the closest shave you've ever had. One last hot towel and application of your choice of aftershave completes this relaxing and luxurious service. Oh, and bearded guys, don't feel left out! You can still be edged out along your cheeks and neck with the same process, leaving your manly beard intact and even better looking still.

Shoe and Belt Shines

The finishing touch! We know the devil is in the details- and we've got you covered. Travis gives the best shoe shines in town and will give new life to those scuffed and dusty dress shoes, no matter how old. Sit atop our impressive shoe shine stand and relax while Travis works his magic. He does belts and leather suspenders too.



Well, you may have heard that we barbers were up to some funny business during the old days of prohibition. Yes, it's true. And because of our little...indiscretions...the great state of Tennessee saw fit to ban us from offering you adult beverages at our Barber Shop. That being said...what happens at a private party stays private, and we won't be checking the contents of your cups. For all we know, y'all are just crazy about that "sweet tea" you brought with you. Feel free to bring snacks or hot food too as you'll be in the shop for about 1-3 hours, depending on the number of guests in your party.

Graduation, Prom, Bar Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Father's Day

A trip to the Barber Shop has been a long standing Rite Of Passage for boys on the cusp of manhood for centuries. It's a place where guys can kick back, be themselves, and bond. It would be our honor to hold your Private Party for any occasion worth remembering for years to come.