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Big News, Call ahead and reserve your name on the list. Call the shop and our front desk coordinator will answer and put your name on the list. They will let you know how many people are ahead of you and how long of an estimated time you shall wait. When it gets closer to your turn you will receive a text message 15min to when you need to be in the shop for your haircut.Thank you {Not an Appointment}

Hours this week: 12/03/18 - 12/08/18

Monday OFF

Tuesday 9am - 7pm

Wednesday 9am - 7pm

Thursday OFF

Friday - OFF

Saturday - 8am - 4pm

Hey I'm Jared, I have been in this industry 4 years now and love cutting hair. I work with a great group of people who also love the art of barbering.

The typical style of haircuts I enjoy doing are High & Tights, Pompadour styled cuts, short styled & semi long styled haircuts.

The main reason I chose to become a barber is because I get to be responsible for making people look awesome for their careers. Being a barber is important to me because both new and old styles of haircuts represent my creativity and personality.

When I'm not behind the chair or have a pair of clippers in my hand, I enjoy having walks with my wife, or watching movies & playing video games. I also enjoy hiking and exploring new things here in Chattanooga. Anything else, come check me out at the shop. See ya then!


Mon: OFF
Tue: 9am - 7pm
Wed: 9am - 7pm
Thu: 9am - 7pm
Fri: OFF
Sat: Check Calendar

Please check Calendar for any changes to the regular schedule. Calendar is updated daily.

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Schedule Change

ATTN: I will no longer be working fridays.

My schedule hasChanged to Tuesday, wednesday, thursday, saturday


Reserve your hair cut today!

Love getting your hair cut at WhiteOak Barber Shop, but you hate having to wait!

Call ahead at the Red Bank White OakLocation and Reserve your Name on the list. 423 - 875 - 4224

[NOT AN APPOINTMENT] Reservationsworks like this - Stop in or Call ahead & place your name on thelist. Same as before, it is first come first serve. Now with callingahead or stopping by, you can sign in & leave. You will receive atext message 15min to when you need to be in the chair. When youreceive the text you then head into the shop and you will be the nextin line to sit. Again, [NOT AN APPOINTMENT] Thanks have a wonderfulday