Maybe the decimal point has changed, but not the experience. The warm lather, the hot towels, the relaxing break and personal attention of a barber shop shave remain the same.

First, your beard is massaged with warm lather to soften the bristles. Then comes the steam towel. "Hey! That's hot!" But it feels sooo good.

Warm lather is reapplied and the shave begins. The first time over, your face is shaved with the grain of the beard. Then comes the second steam towel – still hot, but now you are used to it and you close your eyes and relax. Your face is now being prepared for the second shave. This time, instead of warm lather, you will be shaved with a moisture cream that is massaged into your entire face like a mini facial. The second shave is done against the grain of the beard or across, depending on your beard and skin. We are looking for that perfect balance of closeness without irritation.

The third and final steam towel feels just as good as the first now that your face is clean-shaved and moisturized. The last step smoothes and soothes your face. You guessed it – Stephan Alpine Menthol Skin Toner – famous in barber shops since 1897. It only stings for a second or two, and then you feel the cool breeze of the whirling towel.

Wow, that feels great!