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HUGE SCHEDULE CHANGE: For the Month of June I will have a Summer Class. PLEASE View the Calendar for it will change weekly due to my class. My hours will be 11am-7pm or 2pm-7pm. Please check the Calendar.

Howdy! I'm Emili and I've been at White Oak for almost 2 years now. I love working here. We have a great time while we make you look your best. If I had to pick a specialty, I would say mine is the longer, "shaggy" style. When you sit in my chair, don't be surprised if I ask whether you watched the big game the night before. I watch sports constantly, and the TV is usually set to ESPN.

When I'm not at work, I'm either studying or doing something outdoors. I love to fish, hike and play with my Shih Tzu. I like reading, and always love new book suggestions. Come on in and see me.


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Please check Calendar for any changes to the regular schedule. Calendar is updated daily.

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